I could tell you all the different roles I have but that is not really who or what I am. Therefore I choose to focus on qualities.

What I am more than anything is grateful.

I am grateful that I am blessed with an abundance of love, talent, passion and an evolving perspective.

I am grateful to be alive after coming through the diagnosis, surgeries, and treatments for five different cancers and many more rare but benign growths.

I am resilient! I’ve never aspired to become a writer, yet my mission in life has always been about making the best out of all the challenges and detours that would come along the way. I could never have imagined that from being a nurse, I would become a CPA, start a non-profit and write a book. But I have done these things despite overcoming tremendous obstacles and while still managing to raise two children and all that went along with it.

I am creative! I love music, singing and dancing. Since I revel in a good story, I enjoy the theatre and going to the movies and am a voracious reader. I love to paint and always have a project.

I am happy! I love a good party. I prefer people who are real and not superficial. And while life isn’t always fun and I am not always happy, I am still grateful.

I share my life with my husband, Doug, in Northern California along with our three papillion dogs. I am blessed by my adult children who live in the SF Bay area who inspired me with a depth and force that has made everything that I have accomplished possible.

I’m so appreciative of my friends – some that have walked with me from the beginning, from all over the country and nearby. My friends along with my family have been the community that has given me strength, succor, encouragement and an opportunity to give back.

I hope that you participate in my blog at www.thecancerian.org and following me on twitter @lindazercoe and @thecancerian1.

Together, united, strong and vocal–maybe we can make a difference!